Haskell W. Harr’s Letter: I Am Like Father Time (1983)

SKF NOTEHaskell W. Harr is one of the renowned historical drum instructors. At age 89, Mr. Harr wrote this letter to Modern Drummer to thank us for publishing a story about him and his legacy to drumming. Mr. Harr, as he writes in his letter, is a member of the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame. And I remember my surprise and honor at receiving Haskell Harr’s handwritten letter.

Here is the text of Haskell W. Harr’s letter:

August 17th, 1893 (sic)

Dear Sirs:

My name is Haskell W. Harr. I want to thank you for putting an article about me in your magazine in August.

I had a letter from, N. Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois the past week, each having read it.

The one from Illinois is from Jack Brand Drum Studio. They are sending me a drumhead to autograph, so they put it on the wall, in their studio.

I think that is wonderful to give me that space. My troubles, one of them is poor eyesight and I am not able to answer all of the letters.

I am on the PAS Hall of Fame, and I get many letters from them. They furnish me all of my writing paper.

I started the percussion course in the VanderCook College of Music in about 1931. I had a letter from one of the members there about that time. It is surprising just how many letters I get, from young people who are starting in this modern time, and are using my books, 1 & 2.

Will you please send me one of the August issue of Modern Times (sic)? I will mail you a check.

Thanks again.

Sincerely yours

Haskell W. Harr

P.S. I am now 89. Can’t see very well, and don’t do much walking. I am like father time.

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