Dave Weckl On Drumming Before and After Studying with Gary Chester (1983)

SKF NOTE: This is excerpt is from my August 5, 1983 interview with Dave Weckl. Modern Drummer published a much shorter version of this interview in April 1984 as an Up and Coming profile of Weckl. I’ve posted a copy here.

Dave Weckl is 23-years old here. He was living in Bridgeport, CT getting ready to go on tour with Simon and Garfunkel  — arguably the first major gig that put Weckl on the map. I asked him if any of the Simon and Garfunkel drum parts he was learning for the tour were tough to learn. The song Allergies was a bit challenging, and that’s where Weckl begins on this excerpt.

With Gary Chester’s daughter, Katrina, and former drum student, Tony Cruz, working on a Gary Chester documentary — it’s interesting to hear Weckl talking about studying with Gary almost 34-years ago. This is not Weckl recalling what it was like studying with Gary in 1983. Weckl is speaking in the present in 1983.

If you’ve not yet visited Katrina’s official Gary Chester Facebook page — now’s the perfect time.

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