Audio: Freddie Gruber on The Marvelous Magic of Dave Tough

SKF NOTE: Excerpt from my interview with Freddie Gruber in Buddy Rich’s NYC apartment circa 1983-84. I posted my memory of this interview on an earlier post.

I am so grateful to have met and interviewed gifted people like Freddie Gruber, in part, because of the personal connection Freddie had with great musicians in the generations before him. During some drummer interviews, there are rare moments when I am acutely aware of the musical, historical value of what I am hearing.

That’s how I feel about what Freddie Gruber has to say here about Dave Tough. Moreso today than 30-plus years ago during this interview. Listening this morning, I hear Freddie – simply by the tone of his voice – urging me to stop talking, and listen to what Freddie is saying about Dave Tough.

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