Fred Armisen: It Takes a Drummer to Really Know Drummers

mackey_armisenSKF NOTE: Watching current online drum videos now and then, I was starting to think I was alone, scratching my head at some of what passes as wise counsel from self-styled experts on how-to-play drums.

God Bless Fred Armisen! I suppose it takes a drummer to really know drummers. The moment I first saw Fred Armisen on SNL as senile drummer Mackey, botching rimshots behind “the best washed up lounge singer ever, Buddy Mills,” I knew Fred was a working nightclub/bar band drummer. He had to be. His insight is right on target. [Minors or Parents of Minors Note: The language on the Mackey video is coarse in spots.]

In mid-December 2016, thanks to Klaus Kinski’s story at, I discovered two more Fred Armisen drum characters: Jenns Hannemann offering “Really Complicated Drumming” drum video lessons, and also, Victor Benedetto offering video “Drum Tips.”

I know now I’m not alone. Thanks, Fred.

[Minors or Parents of Minors Note: The language on this video is coarse in spots.]

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