Montblanc’s Miles Davis Fountain Pen Makes Me Smile


SKF NOTE: Thank you, Colleen Morgan of The Moodie Davitt Report, for bringing Montblanc’s cool Miles Davis fountain pen to my attention. The workmanship is beautiful. And if I had a spare $900…? Until then, that Montblanc’s Great Characters Edition Miles Davis Fountain Pen exists makes me smile.


Great Characters Edition Miles Davis Fountain Pen

Details [As described on the Montblanc web site.]

This Great Characters Edition is honoring one of the most revolutionary and influential jazz musicians of all time – Miles Dewey Davis. He was not only a trumpeter with an outstanding sound but a pioneer in virtually every phase of the evolution of post-WWII American jazz, from cool jazz up to the rock-jazz-funk fusion, which finally got him inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The overall shape of the writing instrument is inspired by the trumpet, emphasized through the trumpet finger buttons on the clip, while the blue cone recalls ‘Kind of Blue’, one of the greatest jazz albums of all time.

The pattern on the cap and barrel highlights the diverse movements Miles Davis represents: Jazz Fusion (Mixed shapes and techniques), Modal Jazz (Oriental), Hard Bop (African), Cool Jazz (Nonette) and Bebop. The cap ring with ‘2006’ engraving evokes his induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, while the shape of the cone stems from the special ‘Heim’ mouthpiece he used for playing. The Au 585 solid gold nib is engraved with his silhouette.


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