Clyde Stubblefield: I Do Not Appreciate Not Getting Paid

stubblefield_clydeSKF NOTE: I look forward to the day it is standard practice in the recording industry to make sure musicians are paid for using their sampled sounds. That this is still an unresolved issue is heartbreaking.

Drummer Clyde Stubblefield, comes to Ardmore Music with James Brown Dance Party
DECEMBER 27, 2016 — 1:36 PM EST

These days, [Clyde Stubblefield] drums live whenever he feels the funk. The one thing that gets his goat, though, is the hip-hop sampling of his famed signature pulses, without payment to him. It’s said that Stubblefield may be the most sampled man in hip-hop — and the last one to get his financial due. “I can dig that others try to do what I do, and am happy when people try to play what I play,” he says, “but I do not appreciate not getting paid.”

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