Audio: Frankie Dunlop: Never Rehearsed With Monk 12/13/84

SKF NOTE: Frankie Dunlop agreed to a feature interview for Modern Drummer magazine, which was published in 1984. I didn’t know at the time my interview sessions with Frankie would be his only full-length interview. Now, 30 plus years later I am digitizing Frankie’s interview. Here is a second brief excerpt, part of  a longer interview session taped in my living room in Washington, CT on December 13, 1984.

There are three voices on this excerpt. I ask the opening question. Most of the audio is Frankie Dunlop. My landlord at the time, Jack Jackson, was present for this interview session, sometimes joined the conversation, and is heard laughing during this segment.

Also, listeners will hear, probably for the first time, Frankie Dunlop mimicking Thelonious Monk’s voice. Throughout our interview sessions, Frankie — who was an exceptional mime — became Monk, Charles Mingus, Sonny Rollins. I am very glad to be able to share that part of Frankie Dunlop.


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