Keith Richards Would Never Have Released ‘Satisfaction’

Keith Richards: The truth is if I’d had my way, [Satisfaction] would never have been released (laughs). We were recording in L.A. at the time at RCA and it just tripped off the end of my tongue, as it were, one night. We needed another track for the album so I threw it in as a filler. I mean, the song was basic as the hills and I thought the fuzz guitar thing was a bit of a gimmick. So when they said they wanted it as a single, I got up on my hind legs for the first time and say, NO WAY! I really hadn’t grasped what Mick and the band had done with it. You go through that all the time with tracks.

Source: Keith Richards: The Heart of the Stones, by Vic Garbarini, Musician December 1983.

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