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Bonnie Raitt: ‘By 1987, I’d Had Enough’

SKF NOTE: Bonnie Raitt is one of my longtime favorite musicians. Very much looking forward to hearing her new album, Dig In Deep. Helping to kick off that album, the Wall Street Journal published the backstory to Bonnie Raitt’s hit … Continue reading

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Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra – All My Yesterdays Mini Documentary

SKF NOTE: More backgrounder on Resonance Records first official release of this historic Thad Jones/Mel Lewis date. — end —

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Byron Nicholai: Where I Come From is Very Important

SKF NOTE: This young man has his head screwed on straight. What a great story. Living in the outer reaches of Alaska, Byron Nicholai falls in love with his native drumming and song. Then, using modern telecommunications and social media, … Continue reading

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The Day the King of Music Photographers Screamed at Me

SKF NOTE: I posted my What Makes a Music Photographer Good? on, and member bbunk replied, “Whoa – Jim Marshall!!! You got to work with the king of music photographers!” To which I replied, “Someday I’ll write about, The Day … Continue reading

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Phil Seaman Obituary 1972

SKF NOTE: Drummer Phil Seaman‘s obituary as it appears in the December 21, 1972¬†Down Beat magazine. — end —

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