Digitizing My MD Interview Tapes?

SKF NOTE: Two of my many Modern Drummer interview cassettes. I really need to get these digitized. Ideas on how best to do so are welcome.




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3 Responses to Digitizing My MD Interview Tapes?

  1. Sonny Burnett says:

    Hi Skf, I posted your link on FB and there was a great response. there are a lot of people who are big fans of Fred Below and what love to hear the entire unedited version of the interview, ultimately it’s your choice. Would also like to thank you for doing that and sharing it Fred Below is a major figure in the blues world. There is a small purpose made ‘walkman’ type player for transferring cassette tapes pretty cheap on ebay and once on your PC putting it into Audacity and tweaking it or whatever you see fit.

    Sonny Burnett.

  2. scottkfish says:

    My interview with Fred Below is digitized. I’ve posted audio snippets of it on this blog. I’m wrestling with presenting the entire interview. Part of me wants to edit out the dead air, the inconsequential small talk, the nervous (er, um, hmmm,) chatter. Part of me wants to present the tape unedited for historical accuracy.

    Best, skf

  3. Sonny Burnett says:

    Where can I hear the full interview with Fred Below please?

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