Gallaudet Football Team’s Talking Drum

SKF NOTE: I first learned about Gallaudet University from a young lady enrolled in my smoking cessation program at Sibley Memorial Hospital. Both Sibley and Gallaudet are in Washington, D.C. My quit smoking enrollee was deaf. I was amazed that she was able to take part in my class with no special assistance. She relied on her lip reading skills and, I suppose, her powers of observation.

I have forgotten her name, although I remember her. She was a Gallaudet student. I was intrigued with her stories of a University for the deaf and hard of hearing. And I invited her to become a smoking cessation class teacher. But she said no.

Fast forward to a recent sports page story about the University of Maine football team playing Gallaudet University’s football team. My girlfriend, Eileen, asks, “How do Gallaudet football players hear the calls?”

Good question. I have a new friend, Tammy, who is a former Gallaudet student. I ask her Eileen’s question. Tammy answers, “There is a large drum they bang . The players can feel the vibration of that. The coaches use sign to the players as well.” You can see the drum in use in the video below.

Another great story from Gallaudet University. Giving new meaning to the term talking drum.

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