Hogchain: USA Drums Made to Your Specs

SKF NOTE: I have neither heard nor played Hogchain drums. Still, I enjoy stories of niche drum makers succeeding.

Local Creates Custom Drums
Published November 27, 2015
By Kaitlin Mullins


The story of Brookhaven native Brodie Davis and his custom drums illustrates that success in business is sometimes only a buy-product of the pursuit of happiness. …Davis and his niche business, Hogchain Custom Drums, have proven they can compete with the best of them.

“Over the years as I got better at drums I became more picky about the gear I used.

Davis, who just turned 30, started building when he was about 24. Hogchain Custom Drums has 27,001 followers on Facebook.

He…developed a relationship with powerhouse instrument company Orange Amplifiers out of Atlanta, and built some themed snare drums for them. Working with Orange just about tripled his business, Davis said.

Most of his orders are for snare drums, though he does entire drum kits as well. His drums are 100 percent handmade..of usually walnut, maple, or both, and are hand-stained. [M]usicians may order drums to their exact specifications, any size and any color.

“And it’s all American-made. I will not touch hardwood that isn’t grown in America, nor will a piece of metal go on it that isn’t made in America,” [Davis said.]

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