Meet Don Lamond: Studio Man Supreme (1958)

SKF NOTE: From the March 20, 1958 Down Beat. Interview by Editor Don DeMichael. There may be other Don Lamond interviews, but I can’t remember seeing any. This piece cites interesting history. I knew Lamond played in Woody Herman‘s band. I did not know Lamond replaced Dave Tough.

As of this writing, my favorite Lamond recording is Bobby Darin‘s Beyond the Sea. Many years ago, stuck in traffic at NYC’s George Washington Bridge toll booths, Beyond the Sea came on my car radio. Both the sound of Lamond’s drums and his drum fills blew me away. They still do.

And, of course, this short interview has several Don Lamond pearls of wisdom for drummers, i.e.:

A drummer has to listen to the whole band. When I’m doing a date, particularly a jazz date, I try to get rid of the music as fast as possible. Once it’s memorized, then I can concentrate on what the whole band is doing, and fit in with breaks and things that will add to the arrangement.



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