Neil Peart: 50 Years Experience, One Drum Solo

Neil Peart on His ‘Final Drum Solo’ with Rush
“My vague design for that solo was deceptively simple.”
September 10, 2015 2:38 PM

Photo by Michael Mosbach

Photo by Michael Mosbach

August 1st at the LA Forum marked the last show in the supposed last tour. A lot of lasts, including one last drum solo from Neil Peart while on a major Rush tour.

Peart explained how hard he worked on constructing the solo through months of rehearsals.

As Peart rehearsed his solo, he receive no feedback from the other band members or those on the crew. The silence stunned him, making him second guess his aims.

….Peart explained the concept, “My vague design for that solo was deceptively simple. I would approach it as if I was just sitting down at the drums to start playing — to exercise the improvisational skills I have been working on for, oh, about ten years now. Technically, I was determined to exemplify everything I thought I knew about drumming, and everything I love about the drums — almost 50 years of experience and passion had to go in there somehow.”

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