Girl Scout Shows Girl Drummers How to ‘Stick To It’

Beating the drum for girls in percussion
Drew Bracken 12:03 a.m. EDT August 19, 2015

morrison_eliseGRANVILLE – The sounds of drums, xylophones, steel drums and more filled the air in the Granville High School Performing Arts Center.

[I]ncoming GHS senior Elise Morrison… brought about 40 younger students together as part of her effort to bring more girls into the percussion realm while earning a…Girl Scout Gold Award.

Morrison, 17, said.., “Currently, I am one of two female percussionists in the entire high school percussion ensemble.”

The Gold Award for Girl Scouts is much like a Boy Scout earning an Eagle Scout award.

[Morrison] put together 25 volunteers for the program, created a video, had T-shirts made for those in attendance that said Stick To It, and after her team taught percussion instruments to the girls for two hours she plans to create another video that will ultimately go onto YouTube.

“…I wanted to make a difference and encourage more females to…get involved with music and percussion,” she said. “I’m hoping a lot of girls are really inspired by it.”

GHS Assistant Band Director Andrew Krumm said.., “Right now percussion is a predominantly male field…. I’m really hoping this will bring some girls to my groups.”

…Morrison’s older brother Jayden…introduced her to the percussion world.

Morrison concluded: “It makes me proud I could potentially change these girls’ lives. [T]here are 40 girls coming and I just hope I can really touch these girls’ lives.”

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