The Top Secret Drum Method

The Top Secret Drum Method
by Scott K Fish

distrust1Now and then I recall a brief correspondence I had with a drummer – call him Eddie – seeking help publishing and selling his drum method book. At the time, Modern Drummer was not publishing books, but in each magazine we published drum method columns.

Some columns, such as David Garibaldi‘s and Roy Burns‘s, were long running. And some were one-time-only columns. It was not unusual to receive envelopes from MD readers with unsolicited columns inside. If the columns were good – they were published.

So when Eddie contacted me, I suggested he condense his drum method book, or a part of his drum method book, into a column. MD would publish the column, include Eddie’s contact information, and we’d let the chips fall where they may.

We spoke a couple of times after that. Eddie was always in doubt. He was not saying yes to the column, and neither was he saying no. I couldn’t figure out why he was staying on the fence.

Then Eddie came clean. He said he was afraid if MD published a column based on his drum method book, someone would steal his ideas. As far as I know, Eddie never changed his mind. I don’t know what happened to him or his drum method book.

How do you create without sharing your ideas? Most of my life I’ve shared ideas openly. Sure, sometimes when approaching someone with a business idea, I think of the possibility that person could run with my idea, leaving me high-and-dry.

But everytime that happens – that’s when I remember Eddie. If I am so distrustful of people I never share my ideas – then I am never creative. My ideas die on the vine.

Instead, I pray, deal with good people, trust my instincts, and share my ideas. Every day of my life I’m benefitting from something I learned from someone.


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