Ringo Starr Plays the Song

SKF NOTE: No new news here, but always nice to hear from someone who understands the core of great drumming.

Ex-producer Mark Hudson still heaps praise on Ringo Starr: ‘He plays the song’
FEBRUARY 1, 2015

Chelsea Flower Show - Press And VIP Preview DayGrammy-winning Beatles nut Mark Hudson…says…“I’ve worked with every great drummer on the planet. Ringo Starr is the greatest rock drummer that I’ve ever heard — and I can tell you why: He plays the song, and that’s what the difference is. Other guys are grooving, and paradiddling. Ringo Starr plays the song.”

Hudson…spent a decade working as Ringo Starr’s producer….

“Ringo knows when not to do a fill, and know when to do a fill,” Hudson adds, noting that he approaches the drums from the right, even though he’s lefthanded. “That’s why it’s so dynamic. As opposed to the right hand, he comes on with the left — and his drum fills are different than anybody else’s. I loved it. Every record that I did with him, I learned something.”

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  1. scottkfish says:

    Respect Ringo, says Let It Be drummer
    Published: Thu, February 19, 2015 @ 12:05 a.m.
    By John Benson

    [O]ne person who staunchly defends the Fab Four drummer is Chris McBurney, who plays the role of Ringo in the national touring production of Let It Be.

    For the past few years, McBurney has been studying Beatles’ music for the popular Let It Be show, which makes its Youngtown debut Friday….

    The live show covers the Beatles’ rise…through the heights of Beatlemania and later studio masterpieces. As for Starr’s style, McBurney said it’s challenging and unique.

    “On the surface, people don’t think of him as being an expert technical drummer, but if you really get into the music like I have — and some of these other Beatle freaks have — it’s well-known he’s regarded as one of the best rock drummers in history,” McBurney said.

    Full Story: http://www5.vindy.com/news/2015/feb/19/respect-ringo-says-let-it-be-drummer/

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