REMO: Using Rhythm to Make Lives Better

SKF NOTE: With so many drums-in-the-news stories about death, substance abuse, and loudness – this story is a nice change. Kudos to Remo, Inc for focusing their creativity on designing drums for disabled people.

NAMM 2015: Remo develops drums tuned to those with disabilities

At the 2015 National Assn. Of Music Merchants show…Remo drum booth on opening day…referred to a new line of drums designed to be more user-friendly — and potentially healing — for people with autism, Alzheimer’s and other disabilities.

Remo hosted a demonstration of its new Comfort Sound Technology percussion instruments….

Remo developed a drum head and frame for various size drums that eliminate overtones common to conventional drums–sounds that can severely affect those susceptible to sensory overload.

The goal isn’t finding the next Chad Smith or Buddy Rich.

“We just want to help people to use rhythm? to make their lives better,” she said.

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