John Bonham: There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

SKF Note: Excerpt from a 1988 interview with 21-year old Jason Bonham.

John-Bonham-Stainless-Steel-Ludwig-Drums-Kit-Setup13Jason Bonham: There’s a great story. You must print this. It’s fantastic.

They had this huge, huge rubber plant in the Abba Studios in Stockholm. And they set my dad’s drum kit up in the corner next to it. In this big stone room.

My dad came in. He played for 15-minutes. The next day, the plant was dead.

And they tried to revive this plant for weeks while they were there. And it just died instantly. It was so loud. And [my dad] was using the famous steel drums, like stainless steel shells. Stainless steel bass drum, stainless steel shells. It was just totally awesome loudness.

And this plant, this poor thing, just next day was keeled over in the corner of the room. I thought that was quite amusing.


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