Ringo Starr: The Beatles Won’t Be Forgotten

SKF NOTE: This item is from the Wall Street Journal’s Jim Fusilli’s column, Famous Today, Forgotten Tomorrow, about Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. Mr. Fusilli’s point: Crosby and Hope were two HUGE stars whose work is almost forgotten in today’s popular culture.

8-17-06-peace_love“I once asked Ringo Starr if he thought the Beatles would ever be forgotten. He said no, and as evidence explained that on his way to our interview, a man he met in an elevator told the little boy at his side that it was Mr. Starr who sang “Yellow Submarine.” New generations know us, Mr. Starr was telling me.

“But what if it is only as the band that recorded “Yellow Submarine” or “Yesterday,” and not as the fiery, savvy and innovative quartet whose songs and performances as a live act and in the studio revolutionized popular music?”

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