Oldest Percussion Instruments Create New Sounds, New Music

SKF NOTE: Composer Julia Wolfe‘s “riSE and fLY” percussion concerto caught my attention while reading this story about percussionist Colin Currie’s “Metal Wood Skin” percussion festival. I haven’t heard the concerto, but what I hear on this trailer – and especially what Ms. Wolfe says about “riSE and fLY” intrigue me. They make me want to hear the entire piece.

I am drawn to Wolfe’s musical use — key word: musical – of the oldest of percussion instruments with new music, new sounds:  “So, rather than going, like, ‘Let me go see what Stravinsky did,’ let me go see what these [street musicians] are doing on my street.'”

Kudos also to Mr. Currie’s sense of percussive and musical adventure. I look forward to learning more about him.

Watch the trailer for Julia Wolfe’s riSE and fLY, a percussion concerto composed for Colin Currie.

“Urban folk music. Playing with your hands, snapping your fingers…. These kind of rhythms that come out of American traditions like hambone, or street hip hop kind of feel. It’s beautiful. That was my idea: take it and stretch it to some new place.

“I’m kind of a carnivore of street musicians. Why don’t I embrace it and bring it into my world? So, it’s a fun way of culling from people’s natural musicianship. So, rather than going, like, “Let me go see what Stravinsky did,” let me go see what these guys are doing on my street.” Excerpt of Julia Wolfe from “riSE and fLY” Trailer.

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