Charlie Watts: Drum Mentor

Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts speechless over Jagger the 11-year-old drummer
November 13, 2014 – 8:23PM

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No one gets near the Rolling Stones…except a precocious 11-year-old Sydney boy called Jagger, who calls the band’s drummer, Charlie Watts, his mentor.

Jagger Alexander-Erber is the Australian drumming prodigy first seen on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, and he has three drumming heroes: Keith Moon, John Bonham and Watts.

On Wednesday he…gave Watts, 73, a gift, a rare cymbal – once owned by Watts’ own hero, Jackie Dougan. He was repaid by being allowed to sit for photos at Watt’s 1963 Gretsch drum kit in front of a packed Allphones Arena minutes before the Stones four-star show began. Watts told Jagger the only other people allowed to sit there were his grandchildren.

Jagger says Watts looked amazed by the gift. “He just kept saying ‘Jackie Dougan! Jackie Dougan’ over and over. He was surprised, his eyes were really wide open and he said ‘How did you get this? It’s amazing’.”

“The best thing is Jagger will now have Charlie Watts as a mentor. The connection he made was incredible … [although] Charlie doesn’t have a phone or use email. [My son] is now known to the Stones camp,” Mr Alexander-Erber said.

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  1. Charlie: my favorite drummer ever!

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