When the Drummer Dies, the Drum Dies Too

Drum dies with drummer
By  Pamodhi Kuruppu
Sunday, 20 July 2014

It is exciting to see another drumming. It is a pleasure to listen and admire an expert drummer’s improvisations. It is mysterious and will always be a mystery. I learned that drum is like heartbeat, the breath, the rain and thunder. There is blood pulled in and out the capillaries of hands that touch it’s taut membrane. There is big noise at once, lowered again and runs fast touching  the tip of notes and slowly drifts putting a halt to the show.

Drums are fascinating; drummers are a spellbinding creation for me. For example, the drummer will always know the notes by heart and for the listeners, some beats are unforgettable.

I learned that one drummer‘s style cannot be followed by another. It’s always different.

Above everything when the drummer dies, the drum dies too. Because only a drummer will know his beats and the degree of pace to keep with his companions.

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