Down Beat Reposts 1983 Tony Williams Interview

Tony Williams: Two Decades of Drum Innovation
by Paul de Barros — 11/1/1983
An Exclusive Online Extra

DB: How important is technique?

TW: You’ve got to learn to play the instrument before you can have your own style. You have to practice. The rudiments are very important. Before I left home, I tried to play exactly like Max Roach, exactly like Art Blakey, exactly like Philly Joe Jones, and exactly like Roy Haynes. That’s the way to learn the instrument. A lot of people don’t do that. There are guys who have a drum set for two years and say they’ve got their own “style.”

DB: How can we prevent those kinds of guys from taking up more room than they deserve?

TW: [laughing] Well, we could pass a law.

DB: The Bad Drummer Ordinance?

TW: Exactly. Anyone who does not study is shot!

Full Interview

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3 Responses to Down Beat Reposts 1983 Tony Williams Interview

  1. scottfish422 says:

    Anthony –

    I’m glad it worked out. I double-checked the link at and here. Both worked. Must have been a temporary glitch somewhere.


  2. Anthony Amodeo says:

    disregard the last email 

    thanks again 🙂 


  3. Anthony Amodeo says:

    I really want to read this interview but the link gives me and error message 



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