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Gene Krupa Looks at Today’s Drummers (1958)

SKF NOTE: One more insightful, brief Down Beat interview. This one by the magazine’s East Coast Editor Dom Cerulli with Gene Krupa for the March 20, 1958 issue. In my lifetime I acquired two large stacks of old Down Beat … Continue reading

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Gene Krupa Obituaries

SKF NOTE: Going through some of my music newspaper clippings file folders. Found these two Gene Krupa obituaries from New York newspapers The New York Times and Newsday. I remember this day very well. I was age 22. Sixteen years … Continue reading

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Maybe That’s What Gene Krupa Was Talking About

Gene Krupa said, in an interview I read decades ago, that he learned from the great “black drummers” the difference in playing drums leading with the right hand or the left hand. A change in sound, Krupa said. The way he spoke … Continue reading

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Ed Soph: I Got Blown Out by Krupa, Not Buddy

SKF NOTE: The back story to this Ed Soph interview is posted here. Scott K Fish: When did you first hear Buddy Rich? Ed Soph: At a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert. Buddy, Gene Krupa, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald. I … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: Gene Krupa’s Kindness to an Upcoming Drummer

SKF NOTE: I was hanging out with friends outside Clark Tuthill’s house in Centerport, NY in the late 1960s. Clark’s record player was outside too. He was listening – as was often the case – to a Thelonious Monk album. … Continue reading

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Revisiting My Life in Music: The Earliest Music in My Life

In my first blog post I write of how important to my eventual music writing was hearing, at age six, my Uncle Bob’s recording of Gene Krupa‘s China Boy, and also, discovering Uncle Bob’s mismatched four-piece drumset and loving its … Continue reading

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Neil Peart: No Keith Moon Without Gene Krupa

Mystic Rhythms: Rush’s Neil Peart On The First Rock Drummer JANUARY 06, 2015 2:03 AM ET At 62, Peart has lived through and listened to a substantial slice of the history of modern drumming. He says he first wanted to … Continue reading

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