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Krupa Inducted Into Down Beat Readers Poll Hall of Fame

SKF NOTE: I am surprised Down Beat gave such little fanfare to its readers voting Gene Krupa into DB‘s Hall of Fame. Krupa was still alive in December 1972. He died in October 1973. Perhaps DB editor’s felt Krupa’s win … Continue reading

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Gene Krupa Looks at Today’s Drummers (1958)

SKF NOTE: One more insightful, brief Down Beat interview. This one by the magazine’s East Coast Editor Dom Cerulli with Gene Krupa for the March 20, 1958 issue. In my lifetime I acquired two large stacks of old Down Beat … Continue reading

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Gene Krupa Obituaries

SKF NOTE: Going through some of my music newspaper clippings file folders. Found these two Gene Krupa obituaries from New York newspapers The New York Times and Newsday. I remember this day very well. I was age 22. Sixteen years … Continue reading

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Maybe That’s What Gene Krupa Was Talking About

Gene Krupa said, in an interview I read decades ago, that he learned from the great “black drummers” the difference in playing drums leading with the right hand or the left hand. A change in sound, Krupa said. The way he spoke … Continue reading

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Ed Soph: I Got Blown Out by Krupa, Not Buddy

SKF NOTE: The back story to this Ed Soph interview is posted here. Scott K Fish: When did you first hear Buddy Rich? Ed Soph: At a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert. Buddy, Gene Krupa, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald. I … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: Gene Krupa’s Kindness to an Upcoming Drummer

SKF NOTE: I was hanging out with friends outside Clark Tuthill’s house in Centerport, NY in the late 1960s. Clark’s record player was outside too. He was listening – as was often the case – to a Thelonious Monk album. … Continue reading

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Revisiting My Life in Music: The Earliest Music in My Life

In my first blog post I write of how important to my eventual music writing was hearing, at age six, my Uncle Bob’s recording of Gene Krupa‘s China Boy, and also, discovering Uncle Bob’s mismatched four-piece drumset and loving its … Continue reading

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