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‘A Love Supreme’ Test Pressing for $20,000?

SKF NOTE: It will be interesting to see if this test pressing is worth $20,0000 to someone. No mention in the report if anyone has played this test pressing to see if it is, in fact, the John Coltrane Quartet’s … Continue reading

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Without the Fundamentals There’s No Depth to Your Music

SKF NOTE: Joey DeFrancesco‘s experience with John Coltrane Quartet and Miles Davis caught my eye this morning. I’m sharing Mr. DeFrancesco’s words with you. ===== POPULAR JAZZ ARTISTS Life-changing jazz albums: John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme Hammond organ hero Joey … Continue reading

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What You Play or Don’t Play Defines You

Neal Wilkinson talks the “masters” of drumming and Carole King musical Beautiful By Rhythm magazine “The thing I find most challenging…on…every gig, is to play creatively in a song setting. Rather than playing millions of notes, …I’ve always been focused … Continue reading

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Great Price: Elvin, DeJohnette with Joe Farrell

SKF NOTE: Last night I bought several MP3 jazz albums, among them, Joe Farrell’s Moon Germs. In 1972 I first bought the Moon Germs LP — and have been waiting many years for its reissue. This is a quartet date … Continue reading

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The Joyful, Continuing Path of a Musical Self-Education

  SKF NOTE: I found a monaural cut-out copy of John Coltrane’s Africa/Brass album in a drugstore on a wire display rack filled with cut-out albums. Africa/Brass is the John Coltrane Quartet with a big band. That was my introduction … Continue reading

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Elvin Jones Session Photo (1963)

SKF NOTE: Nice Charles Stewart photo of Elvin Jones during an October 1963 recording session for Johnny Hartman’s I Just Dropped By To Say Hello album.

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Coltrane on Playing, Steadily, Steadily, Every Night

SKF NOTE: Black Giants is a 1970 book collection of interviews and essays with/about some of the “New Jazz” prime movers, i.e. Elvin Jones, Archie Shepp, and John Coltrane. Contributor Frank Kofsky‘s Septermber 1967 interview with John Coltrane has Coltrane’s view … Continue reading

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