I Didn’t Think of Roger Hawkins

Roger Hawkins photo courtesy Drummerworld.

SKF NOTE: Word of Roger Hawkins death brings to mind one of my more embarrassing moments at Modern Drummer magazine. I left Roger out of my History of Rock Drumming written for MD. When it was brought to my attention – I can’t recall exactly how – I dreaded my phone call apology to Roger.

He was as gracious as he could be. The truth, which I didn’t try to explain away or justify, was simply: I didn’t think to include Roger. Yes, I was well aware of – and loved – Roger’s playing. Even today, everytime a Muscle Shoals rhythm section song is on the radio I realize how much I loved and was influenced by that music.

And when I realized I’d left Roger out of my History I was stunned and feeling stupid, careless, and awkward. But, as I say, Roger was a real gentleman — which, in my experience, is who he was in all situations.

On DrumForum.org a member said he spent his whole life trying to be Roger Hawkins. He’s not the last drummer to take on that challenge, I’m sure.

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