Ravish Momin: Music From a Country that Doesn’t Exist

SKF NOTE: Because of his several musical cultural influences, Ravish Momin calls his music “folk music from nowhere” or “music that exists from a country that doesn’t exist.” This morning, browsing through drumming news, I found this performance announcement and was intrigued with Momin’s description of his drumming.

“I just got really tired of hearing regular drum sounds and electronic sounds, and they’d never mix,” he explains. “I wanted to find a way to kind of blend them. So I started to create triggers and run them through this drum synth, which is a brand new piece of hardware. I’m digitizing the acoustic drums and I’m very improvisational in how I do it. It’s not like I hit the snare and it gives me this preset electronic sound. It’s a blend that I’ve created with triggers and some electronic mesh drum heads, which go beyond a regular electronic drum pad.”

Digging a bit deeper I came first across the solo video of Momin included here. The rhythm is tricky, but it swings and I was smiliing while listening. Plus there is an element here of being privvy to how a magician does his tricks.

Ravish Momin’s band, Tanara, is a duo with Rick Parker a trombone player who uses guitar electronic effects to augment his acoustic brass instrument. With just 30-minutes of reading and listening to Momin’s music — I’m looking forward to exploring/listening further. At first blush, based solely on the videos I’ve seen, Tanara works better listening with my eyes closed.

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