Willy Wonka and the Talking Drum Concept

SKF NOTE: I love this concept, this approach to playing the drumset. Talking drums, indeed. Even more, I would love hearing David Dockery — or another drummer comfortable with this approach — using it within a band. Comping behind other soloists. Dockery’s seems to take theater drumming to a new level. Well done.

Willy Wonka Meets Whiplash With This Jazz Drum Solo Scene

Musician David Dockery is behind this mesmerizing jazz drum piece set to the rhythm, cadence, and dialogue of the scene when Willy Wonka screams at Grandpa Joe and Charlie about stealing Fizzy Lifting Drinks. It’s a totally original way to experience this famous cinematic moment, and makes both characters sound as though they are really engaging in a dual beat-poetry performance. It’s also like if Damien Chazelle’s other paean to jazz, Whiplash, had been set in a chocolate factory instead of a music school.

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