Spread the Word About Suicide Prevention


My Uncle Bob on the far left. Scott K Fish on far right.

SKF NOTE: I write a weekly newspaper column for Maine’s Piscataquis Observer. Most of my topics are not germane to this blog, but this week the topic fits.

Spread the word about suicide prevention
Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • May 28, 2017

Suicide. It’s a topic very much in social media these days. The posts I see mostly focus on preventing suicide among U.S. military veterans. Individuals and organizations spread the word through social media that, “We’re here. There’s help. Call us.” Often social media users like me are asked to share these outreach messages, to help spread the word among our social media contacts.

My life is influenced greatly by my father’s youngest brother, Robert “Bob” Fish. Uncle Bob introduced me to drums when I was six years old, planting the seed of love for that instrument that’s still with me. I was a professional drummer, became managing editor of Modern Drummer magazine, and still have a blog about drumming called Life Beyond the Cymbals. Uncle Bob’s suicide when I was just 14 years old was a shock, but not as strong, I find, as the aftershock.

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