Scott K Fish’s Choice for ‘Super Slick’ Drum Intro Du Moment

Derek Martin’s Daddy Rollin’ Stone

sue_recordsSKF NOTE: Production and sales of music cassettes were declining. Music CDs were gaining in popularity. Retail stores — mostly music and big box stores – often had cut-out bins piled high with music cassettes. It was a great time for collectors. When I spotted cassettes I thought I should have in my collection, I bought them, not knowing if I’d ever have a chance to own that music again.

Eventually, I stopped listening to tapes. More music than I ever imagined became available on CDs and then digital music. But I kept boxes of music tapes for years, and now I am able to digitize that music and listen to it.

From Sue Records: 1958-1966 Itchy Twitchy Feelings comes Derek Martin’s Daddy Rollin’ Stone. I don’t know any of the session musicians. My hope is someone reading this post will know and tell the rest of us.

But here’s my point: This drum intro is so slick — it had me laughing when I first heard it yesterday. It still has me smiling. Well done. Using a baseball analogy, it’s as if the snare drum is a runner racing to steal a base, and at the last moment the runner slides into the bass drum: Safe!

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