Bob DiSalle: ‘Keith Gilroy: A Positive Influence, a Mentor’

SKF NOTE: I don’t know why I didn’t include Keith Gilroy’s name in Bob DiSalle‘s Modern Drummer interview (Nov. 1982). Digitizing a cassette recently, which is full of random bits of MD interviews — there was Bob DiSalle, asking me to include in his feature interview, I think, Keith Gilroy — a positive influence, and a mentor. But, Keith Gilroy is not mentioned in DiSalle’s interview. That’s puzzling.

Most drummers had Keith Gilroy’s in their life. I certainly did. I’m sorry, Bob DiSalle, to be a day late and a dollar short publishing your tribute to Keith Gilroy. I thought I was listening to praise which certainly was transcribed and published. But, no.

Bob DiSalle and I never met, which is a shame. As I explain in my introduction to his interview — I liked his drumming before I even knew his name. And there was so much about Bob DiSalle’s approach to drumming, to professionalism, that I identified with. He was a very interesting, sincere man.

[SKF NOTE: 6/17/17 – Bob DiSalle’s full interview is now available on MD‘s Archive Page.]


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