Brubeck on Roach and Odd-Time Signatures


Dave Brubeck 1957

SKF NOTE: In July 1974 I bought the current issue of Different Drummer magazine in which Doug Ramsey interviewed Dave Brubeck. A few years up the road I copied a this Dave Brubeck quote on Max Roach and odd-time signatures, for a magazine story I was writing on the history of jazz drumming.

Doug Ramsey is still writing and has an excellent blog, Rifftides, which I follow and recommend.


Dave Brubeck: “Max is one of the greatest drummers who ever lived. When we were young, Max and I played on the same programs and got to talk a lot. He was interested in what we were doing, and I was interested in what he was doing, because at the same time we were both getting away from 4/4 times. Our things just happened to become hits. I’ve always thought [Max Roach] should have a lot more recognition.”

Source: Dave Brubeck on Max Roach, Interview by Doug Ramsey, Different Drummer, July 1974

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