A Favorite Photo of Philly Joe Jones

SKF NOTE: A favorite photo of Philly Joe Jones. I found this in the CD booklet with Sonny Clark’s Sonny Clark Trio album on Blue Note Records. If you have not heard this CD — it’s a wonderful piano trio: Sonny Clark, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe Jones. What’s not to like?

philly joe sonny clark trio cd



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1 Response to A Favorite Photo of Philly Joe Jones

  1. Thank you for this. Philly Joe Jones is my favorite Drummer. I got to see him play once here in Philly.(Yes-it was unbelievable)-man was fantastic on record-awesome live. The only album of him as a leader I don’t have(YET!) is the Japan-only release-Philly Joe Jones Quintet Plus Two At Storyville-Drums Night . And I also look forward to hearing re-releases and remastered albums of him with the other greats!
    Thanks Again
    Charles S.

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