Thanks for Nothing, Tony Williams


Tony Williams

SKF NOTE: Tony Williams, Ron Carter, and Hank Jones (aka The Great Jazz Trio) At The Village Vanguard. Mr. Jones and Mr. Carter are trading fours with Tony Williams on 12+12, the last track on the album. I’m listening intently to the whole trio, but on the last beat of Tony’s four bar drum break, driving alone in my car, I smile.

What did Tony play on that last beat? Nothing. He left a measure of space. Silence.

It took me a second before realizing I was smiling at Tony’s not playing. Well, actually Tony was playing. No spaces, no music. Silence is the great factor separating music from noise.

Drummers marvel at other drummers knack for playing quiet, for being supportive, for staying out of the way. But I don’t remember many compliments paid to drummers for knowing when to shut up.

Thanks for nothing, Tony. You made me smile.


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