Do You Know What Numbers Sound Like?

SKF NOTE: When I was in school — with a couple of exceptions — I hated math. But loved drumming. The exceptions were a couple of math teachers passionate about math. Their passion transferred to me. I enjoyed their classes and I learned math.

All those school years of dreading math class came back to me while reading yesterday about Troy Kryzalka’s Number Drummer program. His lessons look like fun. Who know how my school math might have changed if Number Drummer was around!

Mr. Kryzalka says on his web site, “Over the past 15 years, there has been many benefits to this approach, not to mention the spectacular performances that students were able to create.” I would love to learn more about the “many benefits.” Until then, be sure to visit Number Drummer online.

Holy Name students learn math to the beat of a drum
Jay Grossman9:29 p.m. EDT April 25, 2016

Number Drummer creator Troy Kryzalka has worked in education for over 15 years, and has delivered his integrated math and music learning approach to thousands of children and educators. Using movement, body percussion, and real instruments, students simultaneously performed multiple math skills at a variety of levels.

Principal DeAnn Brzezinski remarked that “it was fascinating demonstration of math and music all rolled into one spectacular show!”

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2 Responses to Do You Know What Numbers Sound Like?

  1. scottkfish says:

    Thank you. The coolest fellow Canadian I connected with over the years is my paternal grandmother. 🙂 Send me a private email, please. I’d like to get more info from you about your bookings.

  2. mathdrummer says:

    Hey Scott! Thanks for the blog post on Number Drummer. I enjoyed reading some of your other posts and seeing some of the cool fellow Canadians that you have connected with over the years. Very impressive. Neil Peart and Gordon Lightfoot… you don’t get more monumental then that. Perhaps you can catch a Number Drummer performance next time I am in your area. Thanks again and stay in touch!

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