Drums? Who Cares?


Scott K Fish in the obligatory drummer with cigarette pose

SKF NOTE: I enjoy listening to people tell me about their life passions. Maybe it’s what they do for a living, or may maybe it’s what they do for a hobby. That doesn’t matter. If a person is passionate about a subject, I enjoy conversing with them about it. I learn something from them.

But I rarely find people curious about drummers and drumming. Sometimes people ask me about drummers and drumming, and when I answer them, I see the veil fall over their eyes. Or their eyes dart about, looking for someone else to talk to.

I’m not a boring person. That much I know. And for the longest time I assumed most people have no interest in drummers and drumming.

But this morning I’m thinking anew. Maybe I’m confronting this challenge: Figure out a way to frame the conversation so non-drummers will want to know more about the instrument and the people who play it.

Also, I’m thinking maybe my experience isn’t unique to drummers. Maybe piano players and guitar players, bass players and cellists — maybe their world is full of people who could not care less about their respective instruments.


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