Cynthia Yeh: Bent Coat Hangers, Old Keys & Fishing Line

SKF NOTE: This is great. Chicago Symphony Orchestra‘s Cynthia Yeh onstage favors — paraphrasing songwriter Guy Clark — stuff that works.
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Percussionist Cynthia Yeh’s Favorite Gear
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s principal percussionist on metronome apps, her favorite drumsticks and why a phablet is a musician’s best friend

Dec. 7, 2015 2:01 p.m. ET

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Russia and Italy Tour

A lot of my gear doesn’t come from the music store. All of my triangle holders…are made from bent coat hangers. My chime hammers are yellow acrylic mallets…I get at the hardware store….. [F]ishing line is a must-have. Sometimes, a score calls for key chimes.., so I’ll round up everyone’s old keys and string them up with fishing line.

I travel with Drummers Service Abel Concert Snare Drumsticks…. The three pairs I have were made by Bill Reamer [owner of Drummers Service], who passed away, so they’ll have to last me my whole career.


Abel Concert Snare Drumstick

I’m protective of my own gear, because I tend to humanize inanimate objects.

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