Denardo Coleman Onstage at Age 12

SKF NOTE: Rare photo of 12-year old drummer, Denardo Coleman, on stage with his father, Ornette Coleman’s, Quartet. It is from a September 1968 Down Beat Caught in the Act review written by Michael Cuscuna. Mr. Cuscuna is probably best known as founder of Mosaic Records and leading discographer for Blue Note Records.

Heres what Mr. Cuscuna wrote about Denardo who, this night, was onstage in Philadelphia at Town Hall with Ornette Coleman, Dewey Redman, and Charlie Haden:

Coleman’s young son, Denardo, is developing very well. Although he could hardly be considered in the same class as his predecessors (Billy Higgins, Ed Blackwell, and Charles Moffett), he does have a natural feeling for his instrument and for his father’s music that makes his contributions worthwhile. In fact, his work on Buddha Blues was original and very much an asset to the tune. His three drum solos at this concert were fairly well executed and well received, though not very inventive. Musical aspects aside, it is beautiful to see a father and son working together under such conditions.



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