Bonham Father/Son Drum Duet Coming Soon

Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience performs on day three of the 2014 Rock On The Range Festival at Crew Stadium  in Columbus Ohio on May 18th 2014 Photo by Marc Nader

Jason Bonham

SKF NOTE: Son Jason Bonham sharing the famous Led Zeppelin Moby Dick drum solo with his father, John? What a great use of technology. But what an emotional experience it will be.

With help from dad, Jason Bonham drums up a true Led Zeppelin Experience
Ian Gassman December 3, 2015

Q. Beyond thoughtful setlists and well-crafted renditions, what surprises do you have in store for these upcoming gigs?

A. The weirdest thing was dad, at home, never had his own kit. We had the room, but the only drum kit he ever played would be my small one, so we never got to play together. With technology, I said, “I will get a chance to do that.” I edited part of a video from the Royal Albert Hall “Moby Dick” drum solo. When we get to do the solo together it’s a standing ovation no matter what.

I’m going to be 50 next year and I’ve been around this for a long time, but you know what, on certain songs, it still gets to you. It’s very dear to my heart. Every time I play, I imagine him sitting in the corner of the room like he used to going, “Alright, get it better,” with a little nod and a smile.

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