Keith Richards: The Beat Should Shift, Fly, and Move

SKF NOTE: A couple of useful thoughts on drummers and rhythm from one of the world’s renowned rhythm guitarists.
Keith Richards on Getting Busted, Zeppelin and Stones’ Future
“God knows what laboratory made it, but it’s a kind of natural thing,” says guitarist of Stones’ chemistry
By Patrick Doyle October 8, 2015


“I love studios, even when they’re empty,” says Keith Richards…on a recording-studio couch in downtown New York. [T]here’s nothing but a faint electronic noise. “There’s that little hum. Silence is your canvas. You look out there and you think, ‘Ah, the possibilities! Given a good song and a good drummer.'”

Patrick Doyle: You’ve always managed to kind of screw with sounds and come up with something new…. I tried to learn “Before They Make Me Run” once with a band, and figuring out where you skip beats and go into the chorus a bar early can be really hard to follow!

Keith Richards: [Laughs] It is, yeah. The beat is something to be played with, moved around. The beat isn’t there as some solid, concrete “one, two, three, four.” It’s something to shift and fly and move. I’m very jazz-like — [I like] Philly Joe Jones. I love looseness.

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