Dave Tough & George Wettling Gloriously Restored

SKF NOTE: Thank you, Wall Street Journal, for bringing this reissue to light. For drummers who’ve not heard either Dave Tough or George Wettling, this is a great place to start. For those of us familiar with Messers Tough and Wettling, it’s always a treat hearing “gloriously restored” masters and alternate takes from these two giants.


George Wettling

Review of ‘Eddie Condon & Bud Freeman: Complete Commodore & Decca Sessions’
These two masters of a hot, bouncy style forged in the late 1920s helped keep Chicago jazz alive in New York.
By MARC MYERS — May 20, 2015 5:04 p.m. ET

Joining Condon and Freeman on the box’s recordings are a wealth of Chicago jazz giants, among them…drummers George Wettling and Dave Tough. All are part of the box’s back story—Chicago jazz’s strategic move to New York, the center of radio and recording at the time.

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