Chick Corea: I Really Wanted to Connect with the World

TOC_depth1SKF NOTE: Chick Corea is near the top of my list of “Musicians to Dig Deep.” That is, I want to give a more thoughtful, chronological listen to his music. I’ve heard quite a bit: Chick with Mongo Santamaria, the ARC Trio with Barry Altschul and Dave Holland, the trio with Roy Haynes and Miroslav Vitous, Return to Forever, Chick with Miles Davis,  Chick with some of his electric and acoustic bands.

I either like Chick’s recordings very much or not at all. He is one of those rare musicians – at least to my ears – who never releases a record I can listen to as background music. Either I give Chick’s music my full attention or I can’t listen to it.

I want to know why. Chick’s 1985 comments on communicating through his music offer a clue.

  • “The use of free improvisation…. There was no real intention to communicate with an audience. Then after awhile nobody cared. We returned to a form of communication that somebody could understand.”
  • “I [had] totally re-evaluated my past. I started my life anew – totally anew. Musically my intentions were no longer to just satisfy myself. I really wanted to connect with the world and make my music mean something to people.”
  • “There are so many ways of communicating, and there are so many cultures and forms of communication, that I find it very limiting to stick to only one.”

Source: Chick Corea, Soldering The Elements, Determining The Future, by Lee Underwood, Down Beat May 1985

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