Life After Emily Remler

SKF NOTE: At 9:01 a.m. on July 4, 2014, I read guitarist Emily Remler’s May 1985 Down Beat article, “Emily Remler, Life After Wes,” with Julie Coryell. I know Emily’s name, but have never heard her music. I underline several Emily quotes, including these:

* “I’m trying to live up to my own expectations, which were that at 21 I should be like John Coltrane – and I’m not. So I’ve got to give myself to 31 now. To have a totally unique voice like Coltrane had. You hear two notes and you know that it’s him.”

* “I think [life maturity] is what you have to go through – that plus a spiritual maturity like Coltrane did. I want to be innovative.”

* “[Wes Montgomery] cracks me up. Because I can hear him quoting things. That’s obvious humor. When someone quotes a little song, you laugh. But other things; just the way he did an ingenious turnaround. Came around the bend like that. Raised up to a climax – just like life.”

* “There’s a lot of humor missing, I think, from some of the younger players today.”

Finishing her 1985 DB interview, I turn to the web to see what Ms. Remler’s up to in 2014. I like her ’85 perspective on the musicial life. I wonder what her music and life are like 29 years up the road.

I am very, very sad to learn Emily Remler never made it that far. She died in 1990 at age 32. is keeping alive Ms. Remler and her music.


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