Neil Diamond: Two Songs from an $11,000 Guitar

[SKF NOTE: Yesterday I finished reading a Steve Earle biography. In it, there’s mention of Mr. Earle buying guitars when he senses the guitar has a ghost or a song in it. I find that fascinating. This snippet from Neil Diamond’s interview in today’s WSJ is similar.] NY CULTURE
Neil Diamond Discusses Brooklyn Roots, Great Guitars
A Q&A with the performer, who will return to Brooklyn for a one-night-only show

spot-neil-diamond-covWSJ: What guitars are you into now?

Neil Diamond: For the most part, acoustic guitars. They each have their own character and personality. On a particular day, I might pick one up and start noodling around, looking for some emotional content in the chords.

I remember working on the “Home Before Dark” album [2008], and I had pretty much all of it written. I went to visit a guitar collector. There was a 1953 Gibson that I picked up, and I liked a lot. I bought it on the spot at an outrageous price. I think I paid $11,000 for it. I wrote two songs on it. I have never written anything else on that guitar since. It served its purpose. It generated the creative character that I was hoping for.

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