Brian Blade: The Bedrock Foundation for Everything I Do

Drummer’s music is more about tunes than drum solos
By Tad Dickens // Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 12:15 am


Courtesy Brian Blade’s Facebook page

[W]ith Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band[..,] Blade is the act’s leader and chief songwriter, but drums are in the mix strictly for rhythm and texture. On the band’s recent releases, “Landmarks” and “Season of Changes,” no drum solos are heard.

Not that Blade’s playing is chops-free. The man can burn….

Blade took the stage with [Chick Corea] last month to gather up the [Grammy’s] best instrumental jazz album award. The album, “Trilogy,” was a three-disc live set from the shows that Blade, [Christian] McBride and Corea played together.

“If I started thinking to myself [about past Corea stick men] Steve Gadd or Lenny White or Dave Weckl, they’re just daunting,” he said. Instead, “What have I learned from these great masters, and who am I?

…Blade[‘s]…father…has been pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Shreveport, Lousiana, for 53 years.

…Brian moved onto the drum throne at church. “[I]t set the bedrock foundation for everything else, musically, that I do. [W[hen I’m home on Wednesdays and Sunday, I’m back in the seat at church, playing drums still.”

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