Remembering My Uncle Bob Fish

Remembering My Uncle Bob Fish

L to R: Uncle Bob Fish, Cousin Gregg Fish, Scott K Fish

L to R: Uncle Bob Fish, Cousin Gregg Fish, Scott K Fish

Speaking of drums, this is a detail from a family gathering photo taken in 1955. L-R in that photo, I’m on the right, age four. My cousin Gregg Fish is next to me. To Gregg’s right is his father, my Uncle Bob. Bob Fish sparked my lifelong love of drums through his own drumming, his record collection, and the talks we had about drummers. Ten years after this photo was taken, Uncle Bob died. He lived in Massachusetts, and I lived on Long Island, NY. We saw each other on holidays and probably other family visits. But, on balance, and especially compared with today’s connectivity with social media and smart phones – our time together was very, very brief. It is worth us adults remembering what a powerful impact we can have on kids, for better or worse, even for a lifetime.

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