John Densmore: I Stole a Ginger Baker Beat in “Hello, I Love You”

SKF NOTE: I love these little factoids, these little cobblestones making up the miles of road traveling through the History of Drumming. Thank you, Jim Clash.

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Doors Drummer John Densmore On Oliver Stone, Cream’s Ginger Baker (Part 3)
Jim Clash Contributor


JC: You were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, with Cream. What do you think of Ginger Baker as a drummer?

John Densmore: Unique, really great, and really full of himself too. I did an interview with him one time and the guy asked Ginger, ‘What did you think of John’s drumming?’ And Ginger said, ‘Let me put it this way: We were The Cream.’ Well, screw you too [laughs]. But let me also say I stole a Ginger beat – just a couple of bars – in Hello I Love You. Robby [Krieger] said, ‘Why don’t you do something like Sunshine Of Your Love where Ginger turns the beat around?’ That was real cool, so I copped it!

JC: Did you say anything to Ginger at the RRHOF induction ceremony?

JD: Yeah. I said, ‘I thought you were supposed to be dead.’ And he replied, ‘I am, mate!’

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