Carl Palmer in Rhode Island: “I’m a Working Musician”

Legendary drummer Carl Palmer coming to Pawtucket
November 30, 2014 01:00 AM

Carl Palmer 2014PAWTUCKET, R.I. — [O]ne of the most respected drummers to come out of the 1960s….

Still touring.., Palmer likes to think…his fans appreciate that he always offers something new and different in each show, on each album.

These days, Palmer splits time on the road between gigs with Asia and others and with his own band, The Carl Palmer Band, for about 80 shows a year.

He first picked up the violin, then settled in behind a drum set after seeing the 1959 movie “Drum Crazy” (also called “The Gene Krupa Story”), starring Sal Mineo. Krupa and Buddy Rich became his idols and he progressed from lessons to a seat in his father’s dance band.

A half century later, he’s still progressing, looking ahead to a new album in 2015 he says will include classical adaptations of his hits through the years. He is also an artist and transforms his drum work performances into colorful pieces in the medium of rhythm-on-canvas.

…Palmer keeps to a strict physical regimen of running and swimming, even on the road, so he has the stamina to power through the demanding drum sets in each show. His mind is always racing, searching for new ideas. The latest will be to possibly add virtuoso players into The Carl Palmer Band for added effect.

“I’m a working musician. Fame isn’t what drives me,” he says.

The Carl Palmer Band will perform a multi-media show on Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 8:15 p.m., at The Met, 1005 Main St., Pawtucket. For more information, go to

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