Grieving Family Offers $2,000 for Return of Deceased Son’s Stolen Drumset


SKF NOTE: A sad state of affairs. No joy, no music will ever come from this drumset until it is returned to the Serna family and, ultimately, to the 13-year old boy who must be missing his father very much.

Thank you in advance to the person reading this blog post who helps solve this mystery.


Family offers reward for return of stolen drum set left behind by deceased relative
Aug 21, 2018
By Kate Nadolski

ALMA, MI (WNEM) – A family is pleading for the return of a beloved item.

The drum set was all that an Alma man left behind for his family when he died two weeks ago. The set was stolen just days after burying him.

“Kick you while you’re down. That’s how we feel,” said Rhonda Townsend, Ryan Serna’s sister.

She lost her brother to suicide about two weeks ago.

“We buried him on Friday and I get a call on Monday that someone broke into his garage and stole his drums,” Townsend said.

She is talking about a red Pearl brand drum set.

Ryan’s last wish was for the drums to be passed down to his 13-year-old son Riley.

The family…believe the thief knew Ryan, knew the drums were in the garage and knew Ryan had recently passed away.

The family [is] offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can help find the drum set.

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